‘Heart-sink’ clients: we all have them!Cluttered_kitchen

The fiercely independent old lady in a big house, who has been your client for years.

The sweet old man, clinging on to his home despite his deteriorating health.

The person with so much clutter in their home that visiting them is an exercise in stealing yourself and biting your tongue.

They all need help, that is clear. But statutory services are over-stretched and charities are restricted in the type of service they can provide with volunteers. So where to turn  to find the help that you would like to see them have?

Time and patience is needed to work effectively with these clients. An understanding of human nature is also useful. A genuine love of working with people and the ability to build a trusting relationship complete the picture.  Working in partnership with you, Supported Moves offers a cost-effective, professional and caring solution to the very clients that no one else seems able to help.

So when you feel your heart sinking when you think of a certain client, or find yourself puzzling over how you can help someone to manage, call to talk it through. We are happy to have a chat about the situation, and come up with a solution based on years of experience and  the individual needs of your client.

There is always a way forward!


Call Margaret at Supported Moves on 01772 686800 or 07999 063407  for a free consultation.