The elderly woman stood amid the piles of papers, photos and books, looking slightly bewildered.                                     ‘It’s knowing where to start that’s difficult,’ she said softly, chewing a nail anxiously. ‘What to keep and what to do

with the rest of it?’

We were looking over a life time of memories, stretching back over the 89 years of her life. She had lived in her current home for over 45 years and had made the momentous decision to sell the house and move into a flat. Her beloved home was becoming too difficult to manage, and she could not face another winter of worry.

She was very positive about the move, recognising that it was the right decision for her at this point in her life, but the task of clearing out the nooks and crannies, full of treasured memories of her husband, four children, numerous grand and great-grandchildren was proving to be very daunting. She felt in danger of being overwhelmed and defeated by the task; in fact, she had confided in me that as moving day crept closer, she was having sleepless nights and was not eating.

Fortunately, the old adage of a problem shared is a problem halved had led her to me, and we were going to do this together.

We started by identifying categories which we would sort into: Keepers, Donate, Sell and Rubbish/Recycle. Going through papers and photos is never a quick or easy task, as all have a story attached, which Mrs G was delighted to share. Keeping her focussed, without offending or appearing not interested was a delicate balancing act. Gradually, we began to reach the bottom of the piles and had realistic destinations for most items.

Mrs G sat back, looking weary but less anxious. She smiled at me and remarked that she didn’t know how she would have managed this without my help. Although we still had several rooms to tackle, we had made a good start.

Perhaps more importantly, Mrs G was now feeling and looking more like her positive, energetic self and was confident that we would accomplish all that was needed to get her ready for her big move.


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