Working with you – the first step

We offer you a Free Consultation to hear from you what your plans are. This can be arranged at a time that suits you and we welcome family members to be included. During this consultation, we will talk about your needs and wishes and how we can best support you. It is important to us that you feel in control of what happens, so we will take the time to really listen and make sure we understand what your needs are. We will explain how we work and answer any questions that you and your family have.

Delivering a Plan

After the free Consultation, we will put together a plan which outlines how we can work with you. It will have a detailed explanation of each service, timescales and will include a clear estimate for each part of the service. The plan is tailored to your individual needs and can be developed until you feel it is just right for you. Included will be our terms and conditions, which will form part of the agreement with us.

Our Services

Moving house

There are many reasons why older adults may want to make a move. Sometimes it follows the loss of a partner or is a move to be nearer to family. It might be the desire to move from a large house into something a little more manageable. It may be that due to changes in health and ability, a move to more sheltered accommodation is necessary.

Whatever your reasons for making a move, Supported Moves can assist you. Helping You Move.

Aging in Place

Sometimes the best home for you is the one you are already in. However, you may be feeling that you need some help to manage your home: it might be that you need to declutter and clear some space to make it easier to get around. If your mobility has changed, for instance, if you are now using a wheelchair or walker, then your home may need to rearranged and adapted to make it safe and comfortable for you.

We can help to decide what is needed and how this can be achieved. Aging in Place.


When you have lived in a home for many years, you have many treasured possessions and items which have memories attached to them. We understand how difficult it is to let go of belongings and how overwhelming it can seem to even know where to begin.

Find out how we can help with decluttering your home. Decluttering.

Finding a new home

You may be thinking about a move, but haven’t found a new home yet. We will help you by discussing all your options, then supporting you with your choice.

Whatever your reasons for making a move, Supported Moves can assist you. Helping You Move.

Support after the move

We will unpack and set up your new house so that you can walk right in and feel at home. We’ll even make sure you have some milk on hand to make a cup of tea!

We don’t just walk away and leave you to it – we will be there to help you settle in and beyond. After the move.

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