Staying At Home

Aging in Place

Sometimes the best home for you is ​the one you are already in.

You may be feeling that you need some help to manage your home: it might be that you need to declutter and clear some space to make it easier to get around in your home. If your mobility has changed, for instance, if you are now using a wheelchair or walker, then your home may need to be rearranged and adapted to make it safe and comfortable for you. Some modern adaptations can make a huge difference to your safety and wellbeing.

We can help to decide what is needed and how this can be achieved.

Staying independent is very important to most people as they age. Sometimes just a little support is needed from local services to ensure that you can be healthy and happy at home. You may not be aware of support that you can have to get out and about, but this is another important part of being happy as you age.

We will help you by

  • Working through a Safety Checklist to highlight any problem areas
  • Arranging adaptations to your home by locating specialists and arranging for them to do the work
  • Decluttering by going through cupboards, closets and drawers with you
  • Decluttering loft spaces
  • Decluttering outdoor storage such as sheds and garages
  • Re-arranging your furniture to provide a safe and comfortable living space
  • Disposing of furniture and belongings that are no longer needed
  • Sourcing new appliances and furniture if needed
  • Looking at local services that you can access to support your continued independence
  • Putting you in touch with these support service

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